Serial groper agrees with judge sending him back to prison


A man convicted more than 20 times of groping women in public is heading back to prison.

Lonnie Sturdivant's history of assaulting women he doesn't know stretches back more than 30 years.

Over and over, he has re-offended within days of being released.

Most recently, police say he groped a woman at a bar near OSU and at the Capital University library in September.

Those cases are still pending in court, but Monday he was sentenced for failing to register as a sex offender.

Judge Michael Holbrook gave him a year in prison and urged him to apply for an intensive treatment and supervision program while there.

"Lonnie, you gotta do something seriously. Because how long have you been involved in the system? You're doing a life sentence just eight months at a time."

"Yes sir, I am," agreed Sturdivant.

"So stop it. You have to deal with your compulsions," Holbrook said,

"When I'm out there I'm obviously not getting treatment because I don't think I do well out there," said Sturdivant. "I think I need, if I can't get intake treatment, then prison would be the best intake treatment I could get. But whatever it is, I want this to end as much as the state wants it to end."

You'll find much more on Sturdivant's long history and efforts to change Ohio law because of him: