See When, Where Columbus Traffic Is Worst


A national study reports that Columbus is ranked 55th in traffic congestion, 10TV's Karina Nova reported on Wednesday.

According to the study, congestion has slowly decreased since 2006.  Part of the decline can be blamed on a spike in gas prices and a turn in the economy, Nova reported.

Now, more drivers are slowly getting back on the road so congestion is expected to make a comeback in the next year.


According to the study by INRIX, a provider of traffic and navigation services, the worst time to be on Columbus roads is on Wednesday, from 5-6 p.m.

The Interstate 70-71 split downtown is ranked as the most congested area in Columbus. 

Backups along state Route 315 and the I-270 outerbelt also made the list, Nova reported.

The next busiest times on Columbus roads are on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  The most congested morning commute is on Tuesday, from 6-8 a.m.

Los Angeles, New York and Chicago were the top three congested metropolitan areas.

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