Second Columbus fire recruiter under investigation, accused of abusing position to date applicant


A second member of the Columbus Division of Fire is accused of abusing his position involving a female on the force.

For the last week, 10TV has been breaking details on sexual harassment allegations against Battalion Chief Joe Richard.

Now we have learned of another first responder under investigation.

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Both men worked in the Columbus Fire recruitment office.

Their assignment was to diversify the force, expanding the number of women and minorities.

And both are accused of using their positions to target women.

Battalion Chief Joe Richard has resigned in the face of allegations by multiple women of sexual harassment and misconduct.

A second male firefighter in the recruitment office has been temporarily reassigned.

He is accused of using his position as a Columbus Division of Fire Recruiter to influence or encourage a relationship with a potential female fire candidate.

10TV is told the investigation into him is ongoing.

Meanwhile, there are two investigations of Joe Richard underway- one internal, and one by Columbus Police to determine whether any of his alleged actions are criminal.

10TV is not identifying the second firefighter at this time. He remains on the job and has not been found guilty of wrongdoing.

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