Schools reviewing security policies ahead of high school football opening weekend


Under the Friday night lights, its about the thrill of the game. Parents and students alike going to cheer on the team, and to spend time with friends.

“I'm pretty comfortable with my kids going,” said mom Amy Glasser.

Glasser is a parent to an eighth-grader and junior in high school and says she lets her kids go alone to games, but there are rules.

“No being mean to other people, no gossiping, no alcohol or drugs, you are there for the game and have fun and come home when it's done,” she said.

Many districts across the area are also making their list of rules. Reynoldsburg sent out this letter to parents making sure they know no bags are allowed at games for kids 18 years and younger.

“There had been some incidents in Central Ohio, and that was a response to that. They had implemented that policy. I think it was successful, once people understood what the expectations were,” said Reynoldsburg Police Detective Nikki Riley.

Like most districts, the police department works hand-in-hand with the school district, especially on big game nights to prevent any problems.

“We have uniformed officers always and we attempt to have them all over the football stadium area, the parking lots, anywhere where there's money being handled,” said Detective Riley.

New Albany also has banned backpacks and drink bottles after an incident. Schools like Gahanna and South-Western City Schools have also banned backpacks.

“We are happy they do come out to the games, but we want them to be there for the right reasons and of course, abide by the rules expectations,” Ryley said.

Parents like Glasser say she likes the idea of no backpacks or water bottles.

“That's probably a good idea. If you are going to get a drink, you may as well get it in there. It helps concessions and helps keep track of who's got what,” Glasser said.

While some districts have sent out letters like this explaining the rules, or put it in their newsletter, others have it on their website. If you have any questions, you are best to call ahead.

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