Schools Hope Dress Code Changes Will Reduce Classroom Distractions


Several schools announced that they have changed the dress codes to prevent distractions in the classrooms.

West Jefferson High school principal David Metz, said that he knows this school year will not be different from other years when it comes to teenagers breaking the dress code.

"I've been in the business for 41 years. Teenagers haven't changed from the '70s clear to today." Metz said. "Teenagers are going to push the envelope, they always have, they always will."

This year, West Jefferson High School changed its dress code to address everything from holes in jeans to revealing tops.

"With the racerback shirts, you get straps that will be showing, so, we've eliminated that," Metz said.

The new rule states that underwear apparel cannot be showing and skirts and shorts cannot be shorter than four inches above the knee.

Students attending Reynoldsburg schools will no longer be allowed to wear leggings, yoga pants and hoodies. Students must also wear their pants at the waist and shirts cannot expose more than 2-inches below the collarbone.

"We want the students to be individuals, but at the same time we want them to be a student and there's a difference between a school day and Friday night at a football game," Metz said.

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