Schools closing due to illness leaves parents looking for child care


As many schools still cancel classes because of weather or illness, parents are tasked with the tough decision of finding childcare.

Katherine Glenn-Applegate, the Senior Specialist of Early Learning at Action for Children, says central Ohio has a limited number of childcare providers that offer drop-in service, so the best advice is to plan ahead.

She recommends to still vet those emergency or drop-in facilities as you would those daily providers.

“Childcare is where children spend a lot of time and having a secure, safe environment is really important to a child’s long term well being,” Glenn-Applegate says.

She says parents, regardless of where they decide to send their child in those emergency situations, should follow the 5 C’s

  • Count – Look at the number of children in a group.
  • Content – Are there activities to help your child learn?
  • Caregiver – Is this someone you feel will keep you child save and cared for?
  • Contract - Before you sign a contract, have everything in writing.
  • Communication – How will the parents get information or communicate with a care giver?