School reminds students about safety after weapon found at South Mifflin Elementary


COLUMBUS, Ohio - A weapon was confiscated at a Columbus elementary school on Wednesday and the Columbus City School District is reminding students about safety.

The district said a letter was sent home to parents about the incident at South Mifflin Elementary.

In the letter, principal Pamela Eberhardt-Horton said a teacher was told of a possible weapon inside her classroom.

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Students were safely taken out of the classroom and the school's safety and security team found the weapon.

10TV has reached out to the district asking what kind of weapon was found and has yet to hear back.

Eberhardt-Horton said several students knew of the weapon but did not report it to an adult.

The students may have used it as a threat to others, according to the principal.

She said the students will face disciplinary actions.

She released the following statement in the letter:

"The consequences of having a weapon outside of school can be even more extreme. Whether in the neighborhood or at home, young people need to understand the dangers of having a gun, taser, or other type of weapon - even fake ones that look real. We need families to have thoughtful age-appropriate conversations about gun violence and warnings about what is not acceptable to bring to school. I also encourage you to remind your child that if they see something, they should say something. They should immediately report any concerns to their teachers, staff, or responsible adult. We ask students, families, and anyone connected to Columbus City Schools to call our text our new 24-hour anonymous hotline if you become aware of any safety threat to our school or any of our students. The number is 844-SAFER-OH."