School finds creativity in bullying prevention and awareness


While agencies at the state level are stepping up efforts to combat bullying, schools around Ohio are approaching the issue from the inside out.

One example of this is through the Kindness Rocks Project, which has made its way to Bexley Middle School.

The purpose of the project is to take simple messages and spread them around to inspire and lift people up.

Lindsay Shankle, a middle school teacher at Bexley, told 10TV she sees bullying pick up in the middle school years.

In honor of October being Bullying Prevention Month, she wanted to address the issue in a creative way.

“I’m hoping it’s something that if we’re promoting kindness as teachers and we’re asking the kids to be kind. I hope it gets them to think about it,” Shankle said.

The lesson started with a simple conversation about bullying, followed by a presentation of the district’s reporting system that students can use to address any problems they may have.

Afterwards, the class picked out their rocks and wrote inspirational messages on them.

“I think it's really important to let kids know that they have the power behind all of it” Shankle said. Bullying is so prevalent in like the news, and everyone is like, 'how do we stop bullying? How do we stop bullying?' and it's the kids. They hold all the power to stopping it.”

Some of the rocks will be placed in a community rock garden while others will stay at the school in a spot where they will have the most impact.