School districts training staff members to respond to active shooter situations


Guns in schools: There are likely more than you know.  And probably for a different reason than you may think.

The Buckeye Firearms Association says 152 districts have now trained staff to counter attack in the case of an active shooter.

“It's really sickening that society has come to this,” Sidney City Schools staff member said.

We can’t identify the staff member.  He never thought he would one day be trained to counter an active shooter. But it's very much a reality. The superintendent cites the stats since January 2015.

“Of those 300 mass shootings, 46 of them have been in school settings,” John Scheu said.

The district never wants to be part of those stats. They want these halls to be safe so they've taken part in a growing movement.

It was a big discussion with the district, the board and the community three years ago after Sandy Hook.

“We feel very comfortable that we would be able to return fire and be able to put that threat out within a matter of seconds,” the staff member said.

As opposed to the several minutes it would take officers to get to the schools.

There are about 40 biometric boxes with bullet proof vests and guns scattered throughout the district's seven buildings and a trained response team to use them.

“We run through those scenarios when we meet monthly,” the staff member said.

The district also has an armed security officer at all times in every building, cameras and secure entrances.

They say there were definitely questions when the idea of guns in the schools came up but the pros outweighed the cons in their community.

“We think that the approach that we have taken is very safe, secure,” Scheu said.

“When you get into education, you care about kids and you feel the need to help in any way possible,” the staff member said. 

Buckeye Firearms Association has a training program for districts. The group says 400 educators from 63 of Ohio's counties are now trained.  Here is a link to the information.