School Bus Driver Charged With Drunken Driving On The Job Is Relieved Of Duties


A school bus driver arrested on an OVI charge with children on board of her bus has been relieved of duties.

Columbus school officials say Tia Denton, 51, is off the job without pay pending a hearing.

A spokesman for the schools says Denton will be terminated if she is convicted of the charges.

Police said they were notified by the Columbus City School District that Denton was 1 to 2 hours late dropping off kids from Southwood Elementary School Monday afternoon.

Officers said the school district activated the GPS on the bus and noticed Denton missing stops.

A witness also reported seeing the bus driving erratically.

“She doesn't know what she is doing she is driving down the street with her lights on. She acts like she is trying to take off and can't get the bus going. I think she's drunk," stated a caller to 911. “I'm going to follow her because there's children still on this bus and there is something really wrong with this woman"

Columbus City Schools says its GPS tracked the school bus near Parsons Avenue and Leach Drive around 5:35 p.m. Monday evening.

The district's transportation department sent its security to meet up with her along Parsons Avenue and called police for help.

Police say Denton took a breath test and she was nearly three times the legal limit.

They also say she had an open container on the bus and two children on board.

Denton was stopped by police and arrested. Two children were on the bus at the time.