Scene75 closed early Saturday due to fight

Scene 75, Tim Flaherty, WBNS-TV

DUBLIN, OH - A fight between a small group of people is blamed for confusion as to what was happening at Scene75 late Saturday night.

Columbus police told 10TV a fight broke out at Scene75 around 11 p.m. They closed for the night and evacuated visitors.

People posted on social media there may have been a shooting but police said no shots were fired.

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Columbus police says no one was arrested as a result of the fight.

Nobody was injured.

Scene75 posted the following on Facebook early Sunday morning:

Dearest friends. I write to you tonight with a heavy heart and a shaken soul. Scene75 has been my home, my family, my passion, and my inspiration for the past 10 years across our 5 locations. And it will remain to be so as I love our team, our brand, what we stand for, and the families and communities we serve. Scene75 is a family owned business that serves families, and we wear our heart on our sleeves, at all hours, through the thick and thin of running a family entertainment center.

This evening, two unruly guests in our facility brought their troubles to us and to another group of equally unruly individuals within the center. Despite having a security team of our own in place, in addition to mall security nearby, a fist fight ensued on our premises. Not knowing the true source of their dispute or the extent of the potential harm at the time, we took the safest path we could and with the help of our in house security who broke up the fist fight even prior to our dearest friends arriving from the police department -- closed early this evening after ensuring all team members and guests were safe…and that the fighting few had vacated the building entirely. After briefing with our security team, management, mall security and the police department, NO GUNS WERE INVOLVED.

I am so thankful that my team is ok despite this unfortunate end to the night, and I am equally grateful that our team ensured all guests left the building safely. I will go to bed tonight beyond proud of our team, our security, our guests who helped us understand the situation to the best of their abilities, mall security, the police department, and to all who recognize that a few bad apples can never spoil a bunch.

We took a precautionary measure to call it a night, and I am proud of our team for recognizing, much as I do, that safety will ALWAYS come before the dollar.

My heart aches with emotion, but I am also grateful of the outcome given the circumstances. All are safe.

We will CONTINUE to assess our internal security measures, including boosting security staff even further than the team we had on site tonight. We will continue to discuss our hours of operation, while ensuring a few bad apples don’t spoil the fun for the rest of us. And we will continue to work with mall security and the local police department presence to ensure that safety is and always will be the priority at Scene75. Seeing a situation like this is a continuous reminder of how important safety truly is and that taking a deeper dive into protocols is a never-ending process.

I thank you for your patience in my delivering this message 90 minutes or so after the occurrence; my first course of action tonight, as I was onsite myself, was to ensure all were safe, my team had a support system in place, and that they understood that doing anything other than being who we are and what we do means a few unruly guests would have won tonight.

We will persevere as a community, and I am so thankful to have spoken to so many tonight after the instance who understood that our actions were first and foremost precautionary to keep all safe – even if it did mean shortening their night of fun by a few hours.

Thank you to those who supported us tonight, and I will continue to thank every single one of you as you continue to support us in the future – at each and every one of our locations. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. This business, this team, this family, and this community mean the world to me. While we may all be shaken tonight, with your help and support, we shall all overcome. We will remain open as standard hours tomorrow of 11 am to 10 pm to further demonstrate that good shall triumph.

I thank you from the deepest crevice of my heart for believing in us, for supporting us, and for understanding that good will always overcome evil.

I am so sorry yet somehow so grateful at the same time.

I hope to see you tomorrow to enjoy the reason we ultimately exist – to save communities we care about from boredom.

Thank you and good night.

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