Scammers targeting teachers in central Ohio


Central Ohio teachers are the target of a known scam, where the scammer poses as law enforcement and tries to get money to allegedly get the person out of trouble.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office says it’s been aware of this scam for more than two years. Wednesday, Dublin City Schools said teachers were the target at Thomas, Wright, and Riverside Elementary Schools and Davis Middle School.

A report filed with Columbus Police said someone claiming to be a Franklin County Sheriff's deputy called Davis and asked for a teacher.

That teacher reports the person said she had missed jury duty and there was a warrant out for her arrest. She needed to meet him at the courthouse with money to pay the fine and take care of the problem.

Sheriff's detectives say they're familiar with this. The scammer tends to target a certain area at a time, calling several people.

“The biggest thing to remember is no law enforcement agency is going to call you and require you to wire or send money to avoid having a warrant putting out for your arrest,” said Lt. Andrew Eng.

Lt. Eng went on to say, if you receive a call from a law enforcement agency that you are uncertain about, contact that agency and ask for verification of the call.