Say Thanks: Children Thank Volunteers At Flying Horse Farm


Flying Horse Farms is nestled just outside of Mount Gilead, and even on a snowy frigid day it looks just about picture perfect. One step inside the Big Red Barn brings back the warmth of camp fire memories that last a lifetime.

For the Lower family, their four brothers have been Flying Horse campers:  PJ, River, Maxton and Wyatt all spent time here.

The mother Heather Lower says, "When Maxton was born he was born with a condition called Tracheomalacia -- flappy wind pipe -- he sounded like Darth Vader...Wyatt at a very young age has faced many struggles, multiple brain surgeries, bowel surgeries, he gets fed by a tube."
It's a big list of challenges and concerns requiring near constant medical supervision and special settings, but at camp it's all a blur of sunny days, new friends and adventures where these boys can be care-free.

Tracy and Wyatt say they help train dogs when they visit in the summer.  Wyatt has also become quite the angler. Surgery and swimming have helped improve Maxton's lung capacity.  In fact he's a nationally ranked swimmer.
In this season of Thanksgiving, the Lowers are grateful for the Flying Horse volunteers who they credit with making it all happen, led by volunteer recruiter Jackie Marion.

Marion says "One of the most important things in life is for all of us to feel; like we are welcome an part of a group.."
Marion looks for volunteers with passion, who want to help children in a meaningful kind of way.

For families like the Lowers, it's a critical connection. After all, when you stand out for being different on a daily basis, the warmth of the memories of a special place where you can just be a kid is reason to say thanks.

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