The Salvation Army serves communities through worship, service centers


The Salvation Army in Central Ohio serves low-income communities through Worship and Service centers, which are located in the Near East Side, the North End, the South Side, Hilltop, Linden and Delaware County.

Our programs and services fill gaps in community services and are designed to address immediate basic needs and encourage long-term personal growth and rehabilitation.

We are committed to the work of educating, nourishing, empowering, sheltering and restoring others.

By the numbers;

  • 123,320 people were served by The Salvation Army in Central Ohio last year.
  • 206 children were enrolled in After School Learning Centers.
  • 228 children were served through Worship and Community Centers.
  • 466 children were sent to Summer Camp.
  • 44,968 people were helped with basic needs and emergency assistance.
  • 28,860 individuals were fed through food programs.
  • 1,047 seniors were provided with a food box each month.
  • 1,985 people received housing assistance; 1,064 of those were children.
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