Runners find strength in group training

MIT Training Group

The thing about runners and running groups is they’re very welcoming. If you’ve ever thought ‘a half-marathon is on my bucket list!’ but your next thought is ‘now what?’ Well, there’s an army of runners to help you.

Meet a woman in her 50s, she's a wife and mom, who helps train high schoolers, senior citizens and everyone in between. Her name is Carolyn Guercio-Wisler. She knows a little something about running. She qualified for the Boston Marathon and ran it earlier this month. It’s her running group that’s helped her and thousands of people cross all kinds of finish lines. She trains with MIT which stands for ‘marathoner in training’.

Carolyn said, "We’ve had high schoolers come join with their parents, right now we have some young folks in their 20s and all the way up to 75 years old. Our oldest is Jim Miller who’s 75 and he’s going to Boston this year too. We have another woman, Marilyn Pain, who’s in her 70s and she still comes and trains with us.”

MIT coaches and trainers help elite runners and people who’ve never run a day in their lives, but want an encouraging place to start.

“I’ve met my closest group of friends that I have now are people I’ve met here. There’s a comradery here that if you join our group then you’re a part of our group.”

MIT costs $110 to join and then you have access to their training program that lasts 19-25 weeks. MIT isn’t the only running group in town, but it’s one of the biggest. Over the years, it’s helped more than seven thousand people run and walk their way to finishing a half and full marathons.

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