Routine traffic stop in Columbus leads to arrest of suspects connected to 6 bank robberies

(Columbus Division of Police)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A routine traffic stop turned into an arrest an officer calls "one in a million."

Columbus police officer Nicholas Lauer was driving by the Ohio State Fair Wednesday when he noticed a car driving erratically.

“Majority of cars — when they see a police car, they hit their brakes. This car was going a little faster southbound, as it appeared it was trying to get away,” Lauer said.

He said as soon as he walked up to the car, he could smell marijuana, and searched the car.

Lauer says when he asked for the registration, the occupants opened up the glove compartment. That's when he saw the stacks of cash.

“It caught me off guard. You don't just see fresh crisp bills laying there, very rarely do you pull thousands of dollars out of a vehicle,” Lauer said.

He called in for back-up and soon learned the couple inside the car was wanted in connection to six bank robberies from Columbus, to Cleveland, to Dayton.

“I'm still kind of in shock over it. Never in a million years did I think I would pull someone over like that,” Lauer said.

Police found drugs, tens of thousands of dollars and a gun inside the car. Lauer says you never know what you are going to get when you pull someone over for a traffic stop, but he didn't expect to find people wanted in multiple bank robberies.

“It's one out of a million you'll run into someone like that,” Lauer said.