Ross County residents wake up to water surrounding their homes following heavy rain

Neighbors in Knockemstiff woke up Wednesday morning to water surrounding their homes. (WBNS)

ROSS COUNTY, Ohio — Residents in Knockemstiff, Ross County, woke up Wednesday morning to water surrounding their homes.

Kenzie Roberts tried to leave for work around 6 a.m. She said she walked outside where the water looked like a river flowing through her yard.

She said her railroad ties that line her driveway were scattered all over her yard. The flooded water also made its way into her barn, ruining some of her belongings.

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Roberts said this has happened before, but this time, it was worse. Normally her husband is home, but she was alone and got nervous.

Down the road, another woman dealt with high water pooling in her yard. Myra Ramey has lived in Knockemstiff for 19 years and said she has only experienced high water like this maybe once before.

She said her dog, who stays outside, got trapped on his house. Her husband tried to get to the dog, but the water was raging.

"You never get used to it, it's always frightening," Ramey said.

Both Ramey and Roberts said there's not much to do to prepare for rain like this. Roberts said she could dig holes to prevent flooding near her home, but typically, waiting for the rain to stop and hoping for the best is the best option.