Roller coaster temperatures in central Ohio will continue


The recent swings in temperature are not only making it tough to wardrobe plan but they may have you asking, "What's up with the weather, mother nature???"

We're looking at another warm up and subsequent cool down by Wednesday. If you're wondering what's going on just look to our weather pattern. Low pressure is approaching and will move through the region over the next 24-36 hours.

Low pressure circulates in a counter-clockwise fashion in the Northern Hemisphere. If things line up right (which they usually do) what means as it approaches from the west our winds pick up a southerly bend and warmer air moves in with it.

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Once that low has passed the winds then shift to the west and northwest, this brings in colder air. In the wintertime when the temperature contrast is greater the ups and downs are that much more pronounced.

You've probably noticed that when this happens inclement weather tends to accompany the changes and this time of year that comes in the form of rain or snow. This is exactly what's happening this week. This next system will bring us another round of soaking rain and possibly some light snow on the backside of it.

Central Ohio is no stranger to drastic swings in temperature. Over the past 10 Februaries, all but one has experienced a drastic temperature sing. By drastic swing, I'm talking about a day with highs that are at least into the 50s followed by highs that are 15-20 degrees cooler within the next two day and 2016 had four such swings.

In fact, on February 3, 2016 we hit 61. The high the next day was 37, 24º cooler!!! Over the last 30 years the month of February experiences, on average, 2.1 such cooldowns. Not only that but the extremes in temperature are quite pronounced as well. Since 1989 the difference between the lowest temperature and the highest temperature in February is an average 59.9º.