Robert F. Kennedy Jr. makes stop in Columbus, weighs in on 2020 race


COLUMBUS, Ohio — When 10 Democrats take the stage Wednesday night and another 10 Thursday night, those looking to vote Democrat will likely be looking at which candidate is strong enough to unseat President Donald Trump.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the son of Ethel Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy and the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy. He was in Columbus to talk about vaccine safety and says it's too early to tell who the strongest candidate may be.

What he worries about is the American political system.

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"Americans no longer have much say about what happens in their government. If you can't write a $10,000 check, you can forget about having any influence on your legislature that's not an exemplary nation," he says.

He says health care involving the chronically ill should be a priority for all candidates.

"What is happening to our children? Forget about Iran, forget about foreign policy, what's going on with our kids? That's the biggest threat to America, that's the biggest threat to our national security, that's the biggest threat to our economy," he says.

Kennedy says his family is divided between Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of Indiana.

He also warned of the rich who run for office.

"Our essential values, our defined values of our nation, will be subverted by malefactors of great wealth who will erode them from within, and that's really a thing we have to be careful of," he says.