Riverside Methodist Hospital adding drug-sniffing dog to security detail

Rudy Drug Sniffing Job Starts Work July 1

There will be a new security guard roaming the hallways of Riverside Methodist Hospital: A drug-sniffing dog.

Rudy comes from Holland and the hospital believes the cost to train and employ him is worth the $65,000 price tag.

"When people see a dog around they'll know if I do have an illicit drug on me this is not a place where I'm going to take it," says Anthony Bando Director of Protective Services for Ohio Health.

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Officer James Kee, is Rudy's handler. They've been training for his debut July 1 which means Rudy is learning to be around a lot of people and getting used to all the noises that come with working in a hospital.

Officer Kee says Rudy's nose it what sets him apart. He's trained to find a variety of drugs.

"Crack cocaine, meth, heroin, hashish, ecstasy, marijuana, and most of the derivatives from that," he says.

To give you a sense of how powerful Rudy's nose is, Office Kee says Rudy can sniff out drugs from 100-yards away.

"He doesn't hesitate he's really good at what he does," says Officer Kee.

Just like any new employee Rudy still is getting used to all the people and noises of a hospital. But officer Kee says Rudy was born to work.

It's that drive, the hospital hopes will act to deter those looking to bring illegal drugs here.

But that's not all, the hospital also hopes people will see Rudy as someone to brighten their mood.

The hospital says even though medical marijuana is legal in Ohio if Rudy sniffs it, patients will not be allowed to bring it inside the hospital.

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