RIP for man's 'zombie Nativity' scene in Ohio

A look at Jasen Dixon's "zombie Nativity" scene in Cincinnati. CBS CINCINNATI

CINCINNATI -- A ghoulish holiday tradition outside of Cincinnati will soon come to a close after an Ohio man said he won't put up his "zombie Nativity" scene after this year. Sycamore Township's Jasen Dixon said he originally wasn't planning to install the display this Christmas season.

"But I get hundreds of emails from people, local fans," he told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "It's almost like a cult following."

Dixon installed the display complete with zombie Mary and zombie baby Jesus in early December. He said he'll put it in storage or sell it after it's taken down sometime after Christmas.

When it debuted four years ago, the nativity scene made news worldwide and was met with both scorn and celebration.

Sycamore Township in previous years took Dixon to court for alleged zoning violations because of the structure built over the display but eventually dropped the case.

Dixon's attorney argued the township was trying to suppress his freedoms.

The township didn't issue any fines against Dixon last December and apparently won't go after him this year.

Township zoning administrator Harry Holbert Jr. said it's not worth employee time and effort to fight the display.

Dixon talked with CBS affiliate WKRC-TV in the past about the display and noted how people generally reacted to his spin on the Nativity scene.

"It was kind of a publicity stunt for my haunted house I run: 13 Rooms of Doom. It worked," Dixon told the station. "Actually, you'll see them look over and just turn the other way and hit the gas. Other than that, everything's positive. Thumbs up, freedom of expression."