Ride and Read: New program offers books on bus


Delaware County's public transit authority is now offering free books onboard public buses.

"Some passengers have longer rides," explained Ginny Berry, marketing and community relations specialists for the Delaware Area Transit Agency. "Some are going to medical appointments or shopping, other appointments where they may not have another chance to get out to get to the library and another source to get books. This is a great way for them to pick up a book while they are riding the bus."

The program is called Books on the Bus. Half of the agency's fleet is outfitted with bags carrying donated books.

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"There are 10-15 books in each bag, and there are all kinds of genres of books," Berry said.

Since the books are given to the agency for free, passengers are allowed to take the books with them.

"There's no need to charge for the books," Berry said. "They can take one, read one, share one. They can certainly bring the book back if they like. Or they can donate books themselves."

If you would like to donate books for "Books on the Bus", you can contact Ginny Berry at 740-368-9383.

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