Reynoldsburg police add new tool to help with cold cases

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The family of a man murdered at a car wash is hoping money will motivate someone to do the right thing and fess up.

It was two years ago April when someone gunned down James Stennies at the Miracle Car wash in Reynoldsburg. Police there are also adding in their own technology to try and solve cold cases.

“It's saddening. I remember my mother saying it's just senseless,” said Gail Stennies.

It has been just over two years since her older brother James was murdered, and Stennies has few answers.

“It is frustrating very much. He was simply washing his car, not hurting anyone and someone took his life,” she said.

April 22, 2017 James Stennies went late at night to wash his car before going on a road trip the next day. He was gunned down and died.

“Something that is kind of unique to that case is that his car was not taken, his car keys were not taken, his wallet was not taken. We are uncertain of the motive of that crime,” said Reynoldsburg Police Detective Nikki Riley.

Reynoldsburg police are hoping between a $50,000 reward offered by the family, and a new tool on the department's website, more tips will pour in for the case. Police have added a page with information on cold cases, trying to spark new information.

“Sometimes we just need that small tip, a single tip to solve an entire case,” said Detective Riley.

Stennies’ family certainly hopes with your help, they can get closure and justice.

“Really just hoping this can serve as an incentive to someone who can bring forth some useful information that they may have underestimated or utilized,” said Gail Stennies.