Reynoldsburg City School Students Will Pay More To Play


Reynoldsburg City School District officials said that many were questioning the a school booster club following a rise in prices for students wishing to participate in sports.

The school board voted on Tuesday night to raise the fee to participate in sports to more than $100 to make up for the money it expected to receive from a booster club, 10TV's Tanisha Mallett reported.

The booster club, called the Touchdown Club, pledged $100,000, but ended up giving nothing.

The Touchdown Club's attorney said that the booster struggled in its fundraising efforts last year.

The lack of booster funding has increased the participation fee to $345 per student athlete, Mallett reported.

"When it was $500 for our participation fee, our swim team was almost wiped out," said father Al Crawford. "We only had 10 or 11 students swimming who could afford that fee and now with it at $240, we've finally got the team back to near two-dozen swimmers this year."

Reynoldsburg City School District spokeswoman Tricia Moore said that the district asked to review the financial records of the Touchdown Club but the organization refused.

The school district said it then filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office

"Their reason for existing is to raise money for Reynoldsburg athletics," Moore said. "It was concerning that they would not share their books with us."

The Attorney General's Office would not confirm or deny whether it was investigating the group.

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