Residents of Fredericktown remember Luke Perry


Luke Perry, who gained instant heartthrob status as wealthy rebel Dylan McKay on "Beverly Hills, 90210," died Monday after suffering a massive stroke. He was 52.

On the main street in Fredericktown, everyone is talking about Perry's passing.

“Oh man, it shocked everybody. Everybody is talking about that. Someone came down to get their hair cut and 'did you hear about Luke?'” said long-time barber, Andy Weller.

Weller first met Luke when the 90210 star was just a kid. Weller admits it was fun having the star stop in for visits after he'd made it big.

“He was always a nice kid. He was funny, he liked to joke around with people and do jokes,’ said Teresa Brown.

Perry graduated from Fredericktown High School in 1984 and was known for playing the school's mascot. Brown graduated the year before Perry and says she is heartbroken over his loss.

“They said breaking news, and I'm like, I started crying,” Brown said.

The local historical society even has a display to honor their town's most famous son.

“He even told me he would go on and be a big star someday. We believed him because he was good at the plays he did,” Brown said.

With family and friends still in the area, Perry even made a video for the mayor as he was running for sheriff.

“All you got to do is say I'm from the town where Luke Perry is from. Ah, you live in Fredericktown,” said Fredericktown Mayor Jerry Day.

“Whoever heard of Fredericktown until Luke put Fredericktown on the map?” Weller said.