Report: Machete Attacker Died From Gun Shot Wound To Neck


The body of 30-year old Mohamed Barry, the machete wielding man who injured four people inside a Northeast Columbus restaurant, is now resting in a Columbus funeral home.

Evans Funeral home on Livingston Avenue declined to reveal any information regarding Barry.

A preliminary autopsy report said Barry died from a gun shot wound to the neck.

The Franklin County Coroner says a limited autopsy was done and that a full autopsy will be complete in 6 to 8 weeks.

After attacking people at Nazareth Restaurant, Barry left the restaurant in his vehicle and a short time later was pinned down by police. They say he exited the car with a machete and a filet knife. 

Barry was shot when police say he jumped over the hood of his car to attack officers.

The motive behind the attack is unknown and the FBI is not releasing any details about the suspect’s immigration history.

Nazareth Restaurant owner Hany Baransi said he has no doubt that the attack was an act of terrorism.

Meanwhile, Baransi said he is closing his restaurant is temporarily closing on Wednesday and Thursday. The restaurant will re-open Friday.

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