Repairs underway after truck hits Wilson Road bridge


COLUMBUS - A damaged bridge that has led to traffic back-ups for months on the west side of Columbus will soon see the repairs it needs.

On Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018, a truck driving eastbound on I-70 with its boom up struck the Wilson Road bridge, damaging two of the beams supporting Wilson Road.

To repair the bridge, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) was forced to close the southbound lane of Wilson Road over I-70, causing the traffic back-ups.

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Waiting to replace the damaged steel beams is what has slowed the repairs down, according to Breanna Badanes, with ODOT.

“Every beam is created specifically for the bridge so it's not like we just have an extra beam laying around that we can throw up there so, the beams are finally ready so we can get those replaced,” Badanes said.

The majority of repairs to the Wilson Road bridge will stretch over the next two weekends, starting Friday, March 22.

Weekend traffic impacts include:

Southbound Wilson Road will be closed all weekend (Friday night to Monday morning) along with lanes on I-70 east and the ramp from I-270 north to I-70 east.

Detour: I-270 north to Roberts Rd to I-270 south to I-70 east.

Since 2017, ODOT has dealt with approximately 24 incidents involving oversized vehicles hitting bridges around central Ohio.

Of those 24 incidents, eight resulted in damage.

Those locations include:

  • Lockbourne Rd. over I-270
  • Beecher Gamble Rd. over US 33 in Union Co.
  • Gender Rd. over US 33 (twice)
  • Harper Rd. over I-70
  • Wilson Rd. over I-70
  • Brock Rd. over US 33 in Union Co.
  • I-670 over the bike path

In most cases, ODOT will try to recover costs from the driver or company who caused the damage, Badanes explained. But safety is the number one priority, which is what prompted the long term closure of southbound Wilson Road over I-70.

Knowing the clearance height of the overhead structure as well as making sure their boom or truck bed is down, is ultimately the responsibility of the driver, Badanes said.

“When trucks hit the road they should just make sure that their boom is down, that they're not too tall, that they'll fit under the bridge,” she said. “You know, if there's ever a question about the height of a bridge you can always contact ODOT with your route and we'll let you know.”

For more information on ODOT’s height restrictions and current projects, click here.