Remembering Chris Bradley: The love for his family and his home


Nothing was more important to Chris Bradley than his family.

The demands of the night shift made health and home even more precious.

Chris loved getting out in the yard. Gardening had been a long-standing hobby for him. He even produced a segment for 10TV called “In The Garden.”

He was looking forward to the day when he could not only get his fingers back in the dirt, but back on the computers in the weather center at 10TV.

“I can remember one of the first severe weather events happened when I was at the James. The sirens were going off. There was a tornado warning for Franklin County and they came in and shut the blinds in the James. I immediately opened the blinds,” Chris said.

But, being away from the hectic pace of the newsroom gave him time to reflect on other parts of his life that he considered far more important.

“In the quiet, in the calm, you can connect with your family and your faith. and being surrounded by a loving family has been. I couldn’t' have done it without them,” he said.

They, along with his husband Jason, spend as much time together as possible. One of their favorite past times after dinner is watching the Wheel of Fortune.

Whether it was watching TV, shagging fly balls in the yard, or just enjoying a meal together, the family learned how to make every day count with Chris and with each other.

Always relying on something bigger than themselves to keep pushing forward.

“Chris and I our faith is very important and if I were to look back on this year, I would say that’s been the biggest driving force for us. Is to lean into our faith,” Jason said.

Jason has been his full-time caregiver, virtually since his diagnosis in 2017.

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