Recycling the right way with SWACO


GROVE CITY -- The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) is making Franklin County residents aware of the do’s and don’ts of recycling. We spoke with Hanna Greer-Brown, Communications Manager at SWACO who said that part of recycling right is knowing how you can limit your waste consumption before you even go to the store.

“Look for new products that are made of recycled content but also have little to no packaging and carton containers are excellent examples of the amount of product in this container has very little packaging,” Greer-Brown said.

All you have to do is give your containers a quick rinse, throw the lid in the trash and put the container in your recycling bin.

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“You can't recycle the plastic lids at this point and time because they're so little and if you recycle them separately, they're really hard to process at the recycling facility,” Greer-Brown said.

These containers not only get recycled, but they get reused in other ways, too.

“These[cartons] are sold to companies who either make toilet paper, paper towels or office paper out of this. They also make construction materials such as ceiling tiles. So about thirty of these containers make one two by two ceiling tile,” Greer-Brown said.

Greer-Brown said that when we recycle cartons, we help our environment.

Recycling cartons conserve precious natural resources and helps to reduce air pollution which can cause public health issues like asthma.

Recycling cartons is also good for the economy.

“In fact, 98% of the materials that Rumpke collects through the household recycling program are sold in the United States and many materials, like cartons, stay in Ohio.” Locally, recycling supports hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs,

There are five types of materials accepted for curbside recycling in Franklin County. These items are:

  1. plastic bottles and jugs
  2. glass bottles and jars
  3. metal cans
  4. cartons
  5. paper and cardboard

All other items should be reused, donated or disposed.

To learn more about what you can and cannot recycle in Franklin County, visit for more details.