RAW VIDEO: Body camera footage from the arrest of Timothy Davis


10TV has obtained the body camera footage from the arrest of a man inside a Columbus store earlier this month.

The incident happened on September 1 in the 1600 block of East Livingston Avenue when plain clothes Columbus police officers attempted to arrest 31-year-old Timothy Davis. Police say Davis had several warrants for his arrest.

One officer was placed on leave Wednesday for “inappropriate and unprofessional comments” captured by the body cameras.

1:43 - “What did we tase him for? Why didn’t we just choke the (expletive) life out of him?”

13:38 - “There’s no, okay I’m going to arm bar you to the ground. No, I’m going to for real arm bar you and then when that still doesn’t work I’m going to choke the life out of you and then while you’re drooling on yourself I’ll handcuff you.”

Jacobs said they have taken the officer's badge and weapon pending further investigation. The officer was later identified as Joseph Bogard.

This marks the first time that an officer has been removed from assignment since body cameras were adopted by the department.

*WARNING: This video contains explicit language that some may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised. Audio kicks in around 40 seconds*

Statement from Mayor Andrew J. Ginther:

“I have reviewed the body-worn camera video, and I am incredibly bothered by the words of the officer in question. I strongly support Chief Jacob’s decision to remove the officer from duty. This is unacceptable behavior for Columbus police officers – or any city employee – and cannot be tolerated. It goes against our community’s values. I appreciate Chief Jacob’s transparency and her and swift action in this matter.”

Statement from Columbus City Council President Zach Klein, President Pro Tem Priscilla Tyson and Councilmembers Elizabeth Brown, Mitchell J. Brown and Shannon Hardin:

Today, the above-named Columbus City Councilmembers viewed body camera footage that contained statements made by a Columbus Division of Police officer following the September 1, 2017, apprehension of Timothy Davis. We not only find these statements unacceptable and disturbing, but they are also in direct conflict with our community’s values and the policies, training, regulations and core values of the Columbus Division of Police. The Councilmembers support Chief Kim Jacobs’ swift action to take the officer’s badge and gun and immediately relieve him from duty. We also expect a complete and thorough investigation of the entire incident.