Rats infesting Prairie Township; Public Health officials work to solve issue


Franklin County Public Health officials say complaints about rats in Prairie Township have quadrupled in the last few months.

"There are a few areas where I've seen them our during the day," said Sarah Fink, who works with vector control for the Franklin County Public Health Department. "Usually if you are seeing a rat out during the day... people think there are 50 to 100 rats for every rat you might see during the day."

Fink says many of the rats were seen on residential properties and in apartment complexes.

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"I have two younger kids that love to come outside and play," said Victoria Gowin, who lives in Prairie Township. "So, I just want our community to be safe and clean."

That's why county Public Health officials are now opting for education as a way to inform homeowners of how to best keep rats off their property.

"People don't realize that rats will eat dog poop. Of course, they will eat bird seed or anything else in your yard," Fink explained.

Public health officials used marketing tools like door hangers to leave on neighborhood doors, and magnets left on dumpsters to give homeowners and renters tips on ways to protect their home.

Prairie Township is hosting four informational workshops:

  • March 19
  • March 21
  • April 1
  • April 3

All meetings will be held at the township administration building at 23 Maple Drive.