Random acts of kindness shared to honor slain Westerville police officers


One Westerville woman is using social media to honor fallen police officers Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli.

Resident Kathy Cocuzzi created the Facebook group called the 10th Of The Month Club for the community to share random acts of kindness they may have performed or received.

"It makes me feel good that they're actually feeling free to share what they've done," Kathy Cocuzzi said.

She created the page for people in Westerville who might feel like they still need to do something to honor of two of their own.

"After the murder of the two police officers, so many people have been feeling lost and not knowing what they can do to help," Cocuzzi said.

The 10th Of The Month Club is a Facebook group dedicated to paying it forward.

"They might have paid forward for the person behind them in line at Wendy's, or taken a meal somewhere," Cocuzzi said.

On the 10th of every month for the next year, Cocuzzi is asking the community to share a random act of kindness performed or received to the page.

"For me I thought a way to honor them would be to perform some kind of act of kindness," Cocuzzi said.

Cocuzzi says she thinks Officers Joering and Morelli might appreciate knowing others are doing something good.

"So, my first random act of kindness for the 10th of the month was to actually purchase these and distribute them," Stacey Valentas said.

Stacey Valentas created 1,500 postcards to spread the word about the Facebook group outside of social media.

Now, hundreds of people have joined in.

"I think it's a very neat way to kind of bring the community still together," Valentas said.

Because a random act of kindness posted the page might help a community heal.

Cocuzzi sure hopes so.

"I just hope they're getting a feeling that, they're actually making a difference, cause kindness really does make a difference," she said.

The group is called the 10th Of The Month Club because the officers were killed on February 10.