R-Rated Movie Shown To Class Without Parents' Permission


Parents said Wednesday that they had no idea that their children were shown an R-rated movie in their children's classroom last week.

Part of "Saving Private Ryan" was shown at a Marysville High School history class, 10TV's Andy Hirsch reported.

("My 15-year-old daughter) knew that she was watching something that she didn't want to watch," said Tamara Bowers, a parent.  "The images made her uncomfortable so she asked to be excused and left."

Bowers and a handful of other parents have been trying to get the district to ban the use of R-rated movies, regardless of their content, Hirsch reported.

"I applaud the teachers for using different media, different ways to teach the kids.  Rated R movies are not one of them," Bowers said.

Marysville Superintendent Larry Zimmerman admitted that "Saving Private Ryan" is not on the district's approved list of R-rated movies.  He said that policy was broken when parents were not notified ahead of time. 

Zimmerman said that he put a hold on showing any R or PG-13 movies while the district takes a closer look at its procedures, but stopped short of calling for an all-out ban, pointing out their potential educational value.

The decision of when, or even if the movies are shown again is ultimately up to the Board of Education.  No timetable was given as to when a decision would be made.

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