Questions remain about what led to wrong way driver crash in Pickaway County

Friends and family continue to grow memorial site on US 23

Ohio State Highway Patrol said they have heard all of the speculations and questions regarding the crash, but said, unfortunately, patience is going to have to come into play right now.

The crash happened around 10:42 p.m. Saturday night on US 23. State troopers said Carol Fowler, 56, was driving the wrong way when she hit the trooper's car and three other vehicles.

Joshua Fyffe Jr, 17, was killed along with the wrong-way driver, Carol Fowler. State troopers said as of today Fyffe's passenger, another 17-year-old is still in serious condition at Grant Medical Center.

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Sergeant Cooper said they have heard many conversations from people about why or how this could have happened, but with it being an ongoing investigation it's hard to confirm any of it.

He said they are leaning more towards a medical reason as to why Fowler was driving the wrong way, but they have to wait for the autopsy and toxicology results before confirming.

State troopers have also heard the speculations that construction may have played a role in this. He said, however, the crash happened about a mile south of where the one-lane construction actually sits.

Today, Cindie Gerhardt, came to place a cross she made for Joshua Fyffe Jr. She said her daughter was in the same classes with Josh and is heartbroken,

Gerhardt said she doesn't know his family personally, but she felt she needed to do something to let them know they care and are thinking of them.

He said they do often see crashes in this area, but wrong-way driver crashes are not as common.

Sgt. Cooper said on US 23, so far this year, there have been 48 crashes. He said fourteen of those have been injury crashes and sadly, this is the first fatal.

State troopers are continuing to investigate.