Questions pet owners should ask when seeking services

One Columbus pet owner is sharing her story to help others avoid similar problems when seeking services for their pets.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Almost 10 years ago, Chrysanthi Rausch was in her 20s and new to the area.

She said she went to the park with her dog, Mopps, and was in need of finding a groomer to help bathe him.

"I took my dog to a dog groomer and dropped him off because they had an opening that day," Rausch said.

After some time at the groomer, she got a call that he was ready to be picked up. When she got there, she was told Mopps had a bad cut on his stomach.

She said it was a thick ribbon of skin that went from the top of his sternum all the way down to his belly. Rausch said she was upset and scared, but was more angry that her dog's cut was treated without her permission.

"Pets are family, we care for them like our children," Rausch said.

Kimberly West, owner of Health and Harmony Animal Hospital in Columbus, said when new patients come in she often gets asked several questions. Questions consist of what protocols they have to follow, where they went to vet school, what they offer and how long they have been open.

When it comes to pet owners finding a new place, she has some advice whether it's a vet, groomer or boarding facility.

"Go there unannounced to see around, do the animals look stressed or do they look calm," West said.

She said to get to know the staff and establish relationships with them.

West also suggests do a lot of research on the place as well as reading reviews online.

It's also good to not rush the process, take time to find the right place.

"I get nervous as a human for my animals, so I never give out advice to people I don't take myself," West said.

Lastly, West said it's important to follow your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, trust your gut instincts.