Prosecutor: The state is not an agent for Husel defense team’s “fishing expedition”

William Husel appears in court during a pre-trial hearing - July 18, 2019 (WBNS-10TV)

COLUMBUS (WBNS) – Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien responded to a request by attorneys for former Mount Carmel Dr. William Husel, saying his office is not an agent for the defense team’s “fishing expedition.”

William Husel’s legal has asked prosecutors to turn over evidence reflecting Husel’s prescribing habits and actions while at Mount Carmel.

Husel is facing a June trial - charged with 25 counts of murder.

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Prosecutors have alleged that he ordered potentially fatal doses of fentanyl, which were given to patients under his care. He’s pleaded not guilty to the charges.

This week, a judge allowed Husel to travel to Miami, Florida to meet with his criminal defense team. His attorney, Jose Baez, has offices in Florida.

Husel’s attorneys have asked prosecutors to turn over any and all evidence pertaining to:

  • All palliative extubations performed by (Husel) in the intensive care unit at a Mount Carmel facility
  • All instances in which (Husel) prescribed a dose of fentanyl during his employment with Mount Carmel
  • All instances in which a dose of 500 micrograms or more of fentanyl was administered at a Mount Carmel facility

But in a response filed Tuesday, prosecutors wrote that “the state is not an agent of the defense on a fishing expedition for medical records, and the court should not be used to order that agency.” O’Brien’s office went on to write that the defense can subpoena he trecords it seeks.

The state also wrote that it has provided all records related to the defense’s third request “as quite telling the defendant was the only one who administered a dose of 500 mircograms or more of fentanyl outside of surgery in an operating room…” The prosecutor’s office went on to write that it did not seek those records because they would number in the hundreds or thousands and not related to the individuals in the indictment.