Prosecutor: Mansfield Woman "Violently Killed, Dismembered & Discarded"


The Richland County prosecutor said in a press conference on Friday that missing woman Patsy Hudson was "violently killed, dismembered and discarded."

However, authorities did not confirm that remains found in three different locations were those of Hudson, pending DNA and x-ray analysis.

On Sunday, investigators discovered Hudson’s remains at three different desolate locations near the city of Mansfield and village of Shiloh (about 90 miles north-northeast of Columbus.)

The 62-year-old was last seen on July 4, 2015, but was not reported missing until December 22.

During Hudson’s last reported sighting on Independence Day, her neighbors - 53-year-old Walter Renz and Linda Buckner, 57 – were allegedly viewed moving out of their home, reports the Mansfield News Journal, citing search warrants.  July 4 was also the same day Hudson filed a police report stating that she believed someone may have been poisoning her cats.

Neighbor Tony Walker told 10TV on Sunday there had been a prior dispute between the couple and Hudson over the number of cats on her property.

“The people beside her (Renz and Buckner) didn't really enjoy those cats,” Walker recalls. “I know they didn't have a good relationship.”

After the search warrants were served at Hudson’s Spring Street home late January, a nationwide hunt was launched February 1 to locate Renz and Bucker.  They were eventually arrested days later at a Tennessee campground by U.S. Marshals on outstanding warrants.

Renz was arrested for receiving stolen property in connection to the use of Hudson’s credit card, while Buckner was detained for bail-jumping, according to the News Journal.

No additional charges have been filed against Renz or Bucker thus far.