Prosecutor: Crawford County parents starved, tortured 13-year-old son

John and Katrina Miller

A mother and father accused of torturing and starving their own child.

A judge compares the evidence to something like an atrocity from the past.

Police say the 13-year-old victim escaped his home in Crawford County, fleeing to the home of a relative to get help.

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John and Katrina Miller faced a Crawford County judge yesterday, charged with kidnapping, felony assault, and child endangering.

Their alleged victim: their own son.

"He had run away from home, or escaped, depending on how you'd like to look at that," said Crawford County Prosecutor Matt Crall. "The child weighed 65 pounds...severely malnourished. I do have photos."

Crall says the boy had been virtually starved, fed only grapes, nuts, and bananas.

"These photographs are extremely disturbing," said Crawford County Judge Sean Leuthold.

"The child was wearing three sweatshirts because he was ashamed of how he looked," said Crall.

"Was he going to school?" asked Leuthold.

"No he was homeschooled," answered Crall.

Crall says Katrina Miller said she consulted with an out of state doctor through the internet, and put the boy on a strict diet they called "naturalist," allegedly to keep him healthy after he survived cancer as a newborn.

But Crall says there's no way possible anyone could look at the boy and think he was healthy. And the judge appeared to agree.

"The pictures in this case quite frankly depict, it's tough to tell if it's a boy or a girl or the sex of the alleged victim in this case, because the victim is so emaciated," Leuthold said. "His arms are probably 2 to 3 inches around at best. I've never seen a picture like this that didn't involve an atrocity from the past."

"She's a good mother. She loved her kids," said Ted Stamper, Katrina Miller's father.

Glenn McEntyre: "They say your daughter was starving this boy."
Ted Stamper: "That's not true. They told him to eat and he had things to eat, but he just refused. And then when he would eat, he'd go in the bathroom and throw it back up. So what are you gonna do?"
Glenn McEntyre: "Did you ever witness this?"
Ted Stamper: "No. I wasn't here when he did that, but I knew he was losing weight. He was skinny as a rail."
Glenn McEntyre: "So then where did you hear that, that would make himself sick?"
Ted Stamper: "Well they told me."
Glenn McEntyre: "You had no concerns for his safety or wellbeing?"
Ted Stamper: "No I didn't have any concerns for his safety."
Glenn McEntyre: "Even when he was that skinny?"
Ted Stamper: "I told them, I said you're gonna have to take him to the doctor and see what was wrong with him. And she was afraid they'd take the kids."

Both John and Katrina Miller are in the Crawford County jail, held on $500,000 bond.

The prosecutor says the boy is receiving treatment at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

He says on a 20 point health scale, doctors rated the boy a .1.

A younger sibling was also removed from the home by Children Services.

The prosecutor says she was also suffering from malnourishment, but less severe than her brother's.

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