Prosecutor brings in independent investigators for Henry Green case


The prosecutor overseeing the shooting death of Henry Green by Columbus police officers is bringing in other investigators along with an innovative tool before the case goes to the grand jury.

Green was shot seven times by plainclothes officers in the area of Duxbury Avenue and Ontario Street June 6.

The officers said they saw him with a gun, told him who they were and to drop the weapon. They say he shot and they fired back. But Green's family disputes those details.

The community has protested the investigative process, saying prosecutor Ron O'Brien should order an independent investigation.

O'Brien now has the Columbus police findings and he is bringing in outside help in the form of new technology.

It’s a machine used by BCI that creates 3D imaging.

“It sends an impulsive beam out. The beam itself goes out and when it returns energy, it goes back into the machine,” BCI Special Agent Perry Roeser said. "The machine then combines the vertical and horizontal angle and creates a 3D image. It can either verify or not verify someone's accounts on what happened."

That's why O'Brien is using it in Green's case.

“It’s helpful after the fact to see if what a witness is relaying fits what was present at the crime scene,” said O’Brien.

The visuals will be shown to the grand jury.

O'Brien wants protestors to recognize they won't be looking solely at a conclusion by Columbus police. They will also look at information from two state agencies that are independent of his office and the police department.

The Green family attorney is speaking out, as well as the People's Justice Project.

“I think it's an important step but it's also important to note the crux of what will be presented to the grand jury is still a result of the police department investigating themselves,” Attorney Sean Walton said.

They would still like to see an independent prosecutor appointed.

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