Proper technique is as important as the exercise itself


The Cap City Half Marathon is coming up later this month. If you plan to walk or run the event this year, you're probably already training to get in shape and build your stamina. But are you using the right technique when you train?

Columbus Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Mysheika Roberts, is running the Cap City Half Marathon this year and she's been doing her part to Commit to Be Fit and get ready.

Dr. Roberts even shared some proper walking and running techniques so you know how to get the most out of your workout.

Dr. Roberts said, "I think it's a matter of making sure your posture is good, as straight as you can, and make sure you pump those arms. That's the most important thing to walking, that you actually move those arms and not just let them hang on your side. But you move them so that you can get that heart rate going even faster."

And if you can take a brisk walk with a good pace, Dr. Roberts says that can be just as beneficial as a run.

The Cap City Half Marathon and Commit to Be Fit 5K is coming up on April 28! You can register here.

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