Pre-K Funding Unites Coleman & Kasich Before Election


The City of Columbus announced it will spend nearly three and a half million dollars to expand its half-day pre-kindergarten program to full-day.

"Those who frankly start early are prepared for life a whole lot better than those who are not," said Coleman.  "It's critical in order to prepare our young people for life we need to start preparing them early."

Three year old Terrance and five year old Tamia Phillips are just two of the 160 children who will benefit from the additional funding.

Their dad Terrance says it is an important announcement.

"Education is like the number one thing to me other than family education comes first," said Terrance Phillips.  "I can get them into a full program instead of a half day which will give me more time to get more hours with my job and take care of other things I have to take care of."

The state has chipped in $2.2 million for Columbus.

The Democratic mayor says all he had to do was ask Republican governor John Kasich.

Coleman appearing with Kasich just four months before the election raised enough eyebrows that both felt compelled to mention it.

"It would be ridiculous to let politics or any nonsense get in the way of this," said Kasich.

Democratic nominee for Gov Ed FitzGerald has made pre-K education funding a top priority in his campaign.

Coleman has endorsed FitzGerald and says he supports his education plans too.

"I want to make sure our kids are taken care of regardless of politics," Coleman told 10TV.  "This is more important to me than an election or Republicans and Democrats."

Phillips says for him it's just a win-win.

"As long as I can make more money and they get the best education they possible can I mean who wouldn't want that, right?" said Phillips.