Powerful storm causes damage in Fayette County


FAYETTE, County - A storm that moved through central Ohio Thursday night caused damage in Fayette County.

Wes Montgomery was just about finished with dinner with his six-month old and two-year old when he felt the metal roof on the house start to thump.

He says the next thing he knew the 100-year old maple tree in his backyard was suddenly resting on top of the roof of his Fayette County home.

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The tree tore the siding off the backside.

"I would say the winds were at least 80 miles per hour because we had some strong winds last week and the tree was still standing," he said.

In Mt. Sterling about 20 miles northwest of Washington Courthouse, a portion of a building was torn off.

Ben and Joy's restaurant was open at the time when employees said they heard a loud bang.

"It just sounded like a big boom, like a car had hit the building. We walked outside and saw a car with some of the siding near the front of it and then we looked up and saw it came from the building, " said Raelin Vance who works at the store.

Some people did report seeing a funnel cloud, according to the sheriff's department but that was not confirmed.