Powell, Dublin, New Albany police investigating series of garage & car break-ins


Police in three Columbus suburbs say they're linking a series of thefts from locked and unlocked vehicles and open garages.

Investigators say they believe the crimes are the work of one or two people, and brothers from New Albany are facing criminal charges and eluding law enforcement.

The New Albany Police Department says it's investigating a series of at least eight thefts in ten days in the month of August.

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Police say thieves are targeting garages with the door left open and swiping items left inside unlocked vehicles. Vehicles, both locked and unlocked, are also being broken into at public places in the area, including the New Albany Country Club and Bevelhymer Park.

In The Preserve neighborhood, Kelly, who asked 10TV not to use her last name, said neighbors do a good job looking out for each other.

"We have someone on the street who walks their dog really late at night, and if their garage doors are open, they'll text us or they'll ring the doorbell," Kelly said.

New Albany Police Sergeant Curtis Baker is urging everyone to keep a sharp eye out after the recent series of thefts.

Investigators said they do have a suspect in the crime spree.

Franklin County Municipal Court records show 29-year-old Bradley Green is facing a felony warrant for receiving stolen property and identity theft. New Albany police said Green was caught on surveillance camera using a credit card reported stolen by one of the victims. Police in Powell said Green's brother, 36-year-old Brian Green, is facing a felony burglary warrant and is considered a person of interest in two recent thefts.

In Dublin, police have filed charges against both men.

Investigators said, for now, the Green brothers have eluded law enforcement but Sgt. Baker is urging people to take extra precautions to protect their property.

  • Don’t keep valuables in plain view in your vehicle.
  • Lock vehicle doors.
  • Don’t leave garage door openers in vehicles left outside your home.
  • Set home alarms if you have them.
  • Lock home doors and windows.
  • Don’t leave garage doors open.
  • Sgt. Baker also urged drivers to stow valuables away in a trunk before leaving home.

"Don't wait until you get to your location, leave them on your front seat, because that presents an opportunity for criminals," Sgt Baker said.