Pothole legislation hopes to create cash for repairs


The road craters are back.

No matter where you drive in Ohio, you're bound to run over or swerve around a pothole.

It's common this time of year for our roads to crack open, but this season is one of the worst in 10 years, according to local county engineers.

Blame it on the weather. Extreme shifts in cold, thaw, rain and freeze have left roads riddled with potholes.

In Delaware County, Red Bank Road, and Miller-Paul road has some of the worst stretches of potholes.

In Knox County, someone painted an arrow on Sinky Road warning drivers ahead about the line of potholes.

Local tire repair shops are having a hard time keeping up with business.

"It makes business pick up but there are a lot of unhappy people, " says Matt Hysell of Pond Tire in Delaware.

Striking a single pothole can set you back hundreds of dollars in repairs.

To help repair potholes across the state, Senator Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) has introduced Senate Bill 269. It would allow the state to use $30 million from the rainy day fund, to repair potholes.

"Our communities don't have the money it's as simple as that, what I'm looking for is not a long-term solution it's a quick fix for very obvious reasons we desperately need it," he says.

He says the money would be divided among counties, municipalities, and townships. Counties would receive 36.4 percent or $10.9 million, municipalities would receive 42.3 percent or $12.6 million and townships will get 21 percent or $6 million.

"Our roads are such in a deplorable condition we need to address it now," says Yuko.

The city of Columbus reports, last year it fixed 2,786 potholes. So far this year, it's fixed 3,819 potholes.

Franklin County Engineer reports it spent $78,673 in pothole repairs in 2017. So far this year, the county has spent $100,172.

ODOT tells us, it spent $2.6 million dollars in pothole repairs in 2017. That compares to $2.9 million so far this year to fix potholes.

Report a pothole, debris or other roadway defect to ODOT