Police: West Liberty student shot classmate, then asked victim to shoot him


The 17-year-old West Liberty High School student accused of shooting a classmate told authorities he turned the weapon on himself and asked the victim to kill him.

In the report from the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect detailed how he obtained the weapon used in the shooting last week.

The teenage suspect, who 10TV is not naming as he has not been charged as an adult, told police the shotgun used in the shooting was a gift from a family member two years ago.

In the early morning hours of January 20, the suspect retrieved the shotgun from his mother’s room.

The student said he then took the weapon, along with a camouflage jacket and mask, to the school.

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Once he arrived, the student said he assembled the shotgun inside a bathroom stall. He emerged from the stall when the first class bell rang.

After exiting the stall, the student said he saw classmate Logan Cole entering the bathroom and fired two rounds striking Cole ‘in the side of his body and in the chest.’ He told police he believed he had killed Cole.

A teacher then extended his head around the corner to see into the bathroom when the student said he ‘may have shot’ at the teacher.

The student then went into the hallway where he fired rounds into two classrooms.

After retreating back to the bathroom, the student discovered Cole was still alive. The suspect said he apologized to Cole.

The student turned the shotgun around and pointed the weapon at himself asking Cole to pull the trigger. Cole refused, according to the police report.

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At this time, two administrators came into the bathroom causing the student to drop the weapon. One administrator held down the suspect until law enforcement arrived.

According to Cole’s father, he is still recovering at Nationwide Children's Hospital. The student faces several charges including attempted murder.

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