Police Warn Of Scam Targeting Senior Citizens


A scam warning has been issued for Central Ohio senior citizens.

Hilliard police say someone is trying to con elderly residents out of their hard-earned cash.

They say the crooks are posing as law enforcement officers to gain their victims' trust and get their personal information.

Officers say three female senior citizens were targeted within 45 minutes of each other Tuesday.

"I think it's despicable," said Hilliard Police Lt. Ron Clark. "It kind of spiked our attention because we had four complaints in one day."

The department put out the fraud alert immediately as a warning to others to not fall for the ploy.

"They're saying there's some type of fraud, someone's at the bank trying to access their account and they want to verify the account,” Lt. Clark said.  “They're trying to get the person to submit their account information over the phone to them."

Clark says that's not all.

"They're actually asking if they have an alarm system,” Lt. Clark added.  “I know in one incident, they asked if they have any weapons in the house."

In one of the calls, the scammer said he'd come to the victim's house to get the information in person.

When the victim questioned him, police say the scammer actually threatened to get a warrant and bring it to her house.

Lt. Clark says these fraudulent calls are a good warning to everyone.

"Do not give personal information over the phone - if someone does come to your door, and you don't know them, you don't have to answer the door,” he said.  “If you're in doubt, call the police department and we will show up, and the officer will be in proper uniform and have proper ID with them."