Police warn new scam in central Ohio hits victims twice


MORROW COUNTY, Ohio - Police in central Ohio are warning people to be on guard for a scam targeting people in the area.

A detective in Morrow County says it starts with a phone call from someone claiming to be an attorney with a large lottery corporation. The so-called attorney tells the person on the other line they've been chosen at random for a second place prize. To get the prize, the victim has to contact the "Gaming Commission" to pay taxes.

After the victim pays the first sum, someone claiming to be a judge contacts them again to say the grand prize winner was ruled ineligible and the victim is the new big winner. Again, the winner just has to pay taxes for that prize to win a million dollars.

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According to police, one victim in Morrow County lost money in the six-figure amount.

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers says detectives in Upper Arlington are investigating a similar case.

Crime Stoppers is looking to locate additional victims in Central Ohio. If you or someone you know fell victim to the scam, contact Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477.