Police using new mobile app to help locate missing children


You may remember the days of a friendly police officer rolling your fingers on a sticky black ink pad and handing your parents a fingerprint card to store away somewhere in case of an emergency.

Those days are going to the wayside.

Now, police in Hilliard are taking advantage of a new trend designed to help locate missing or lost children.

Police say the EZ Child ID Kit is essentially a one-stop shop for parental peace of mind. Parents fill out details about their child, like name, birthday, hair color, height and weight. That information is entered into a free app, along with a photo of your child and digital fingerprints.

Police say regardless of whether your child goes missing at the fair, or out of state on family vacation, everything the police need to launch a search is at at the touch of a button.

At a community event in Hilliard on June 24, Cindy Conway worked with police to sign her nine-year-old daughter up on the EZ Child ID app.

"As a parent, you worry about your children going missing. You hope it never happens," said Conway. "When your children go missing the first thing they ask for is a photo of your child and maybe you don't have one, but now you've got it. It's right there. They've got your fingerprints, they've got all you information."

Police say it only takes a few minutes to fill out the information and download the free app. Police say the small investment of a parent's time could eliminate unnecessary delay if a child ever wanders away, or worse.

To learn more about the EZ Child ID app, check out this website: http://ezchildid.com/home.html

If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your child fingerprinted for the app, you can contact Hilliard Police at 614-876-7321.