Police Shoot Gunman Who Killed Two In Southeast Side Parking Lot



Police wounded a gunman Wednesday afternoon who fatally shot two others in a southeast side parking lot.

The incident occurred around 12:00 p.m. near Parsons Avenue and Kossuth Street in southeast Columbus.

24-year-old Roy Harvison approached his estranged wife – 29-year-old Jenea Harvison and her brother, Donnell McDonald – in a parking lot and opened fire, fatally shooting the brother and sister. Police believe a domestic incident prompted the violence.

Police say two community liaison officers who had just finished a visit with kindergarteners also came up on the murder scene.  Eyewitnesses tell 10TV the officers used their vehicles as shields yelled at the gunman to put down the gun and get down on the ground, but those witnesses say the suspect kept holding the gun in his hand. One of the sergeants made this call to a 911 dispatcher moments before he pulled his weapon and fired.

Caller: I got a suspect shot two people. He’s in the car now. We got him pinned down.  You’ve got to send us a 10-3.

Dispatcher: Listen, listen we've got officers, we've got officers coming out there. Is there an officer shot?

Caller: Not yet, get me some help!

Dispatcher: Ok, we've got some help.

Caller: I've got two plain clothed officers in the property room here.

Back-up officers arrived momentarily, at which point both officers and one sergeant fired at the suspect, striking him and ending the confrontation.

None of the officers involved in the shooting were injured.

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Qiuana Massey witnesses the chaos break out on the sunny Wednesday afternoon.

She was thinking about safety when she pulled her car into a parking lot at the corner of Parsons and Kossuth to take a phone call.  Seconds later, she would witness two people shot to death.

“All I saw was him walk up and start shooting.  Once the lady [Janae Harvison] came out, he just started shooting,” Massey recalls.

Quiana says she saw the two pull up in this silver Camaro and the shooter immediately approach the car.  "He walked up to the car, she jumped out (and) when she jumped out, he shot her.   When she fell, he shot her some more – which (is) what troubles me. When the guy opened the driver door, he walked straight up to him and shot him at point-blank range.”

With Janea Harvison shot in the street and her brother shot in the driver seat of the car, Quiana says the shooter crouched beside the vehicle.

“He knelt down by the car and stayed there,” Massey describes.   “I thought [Roy] would run away; it's like he knew his fate. (For) 19 seconds, he just stayed there and kneeled down by the car.  He knew the police (were) coming."

Deysaun Jones saw police arrive on the scene seconds later.  “I (saw) them get out.  That's when I stopped my car.   I witnessed them get out, and they drew their guns immediately,” recalls Jones.

He says he informed police of Harvison’s location and seconds later, authorities demanded he drop his weapon to no avail.

According to Jones, moments later, Harvison raised up with his hand still clutching the murder weapon.  Police had no choice but to open fire.

Both witnesses believe police did the right thing.

“They warned him, they told him; he didn't comply,” Jones adds.

10TV spoke to multiple other witnesses who describe the same sequence of events. They said after Roy Harvison shot his wife and her brother he continued to wave his gun around, firing additional shots before police arrived on scene and shot him.

Now, the surviving owner of the daycare and mother of Janea and Donnel - Crystal Logan - is living with the disbelief of hearing from police that her son in law is the murderer.  She recalls Jenea as a “great mom.  Great friend. Great business owner.”

Investigators say they believe the entire ordeal was caught on a nearby community crime camera, just across the street from a neighborhood park.