Police serve warrant, questions linger near Dayton shooting suspect's home

Police block of the road leading to the home of the suspect in the Dayton shooting. (WBNS)

BELLBROOK, Ohio — Long before the sun rose in a small community just southeast of Dayton, local authorities were assisting the FBI with a search warrant being executed at the home connected to Connor Betts, the 24-year old suspected gunman, who police say killed nine people and injured 27 in Dayton early Sunday morning.

Bellbrook Police, who were assisting other law enforcement, arrived at the residence around 4 a.m. Sunday, three hours after the shooting occurred in the Oregon District of Dayton, a popular nightlife spot full of bars, restaurants and people on summer nights.

It was not immediately clear what law enforcement gathered from the home, which was blocked from reporters' views for several hours.

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Bellbrook Police Chief Doug Doherty has been playing the role of go-between, providing updates to reporters on the investigation in his small-knit community of 7,000 and consoling the parents of Connor Betts — who also lost their daughter, Megan, in the shooting.

"We don’t the why, we don’t know the what's, but I do know there is a mom and dad down there that are really hurting," Doherty said. "So, they are just asking for continued privacy and patience as they move forward with this horrific event."

10 Investigates interviewed a young woman named Dana Raber, who said she knew Megan from attending Bellbrook High School together where they were in band and color guard.

"She was beautiful and normal and crazy — I miss her even before today." Raber said, acknowledging that the two had not spoken in a while, but that she still considered Megan a friend.

She says she doesn’t know the rest of the family well, or Connor, and didn't want to speculate on any issues. She said she did admire the family.

Brad Howard also spoke to reporters.

He says he's known Connor Betts for nearly 20 years. The two rode the school bus together and Howard said that they would often talk about music and popular culture.

"If you are expecting me to slander or talk down on (Connor) in any way, then you’ve got the absolute wrong guy. I am not going to do that right now. The Connor Betts that I knew was a nice kid; the Connor Betts that I talked to — I always got along with well."

The police investigation into this mass shooting is still in its infancy. Authorities as of 5 p.m. Sunday evening had not released a motive.

Even in the early hours following this mass shooting, we are already starting to hear differing opinions about what folks say should happen.

"These things are going to keep happening until we can do more about gun control," Dana Raber said.

Brad Howard cut short his interview with reporters when asked about gun control. Prior to that, he said: “The thing we need to focus on most is mental health and — everyone struggles, everyone has their problems, but you need to make it easier to talk about things like mental health.”

Neither Howard nor Raber said they had any insight into Betts' current state to weigh in. But Howard said he assumed mental health had something to do with it.

10 Investigates learned the Connor Betts was also a recent student at local Sinclair College in Dayton.

The college put out a statement on Twitter Sunday afternoon, saying that while he was not actively enrolled during the summer semester, they are "...working with law enforcement to provide any and all information we may have to assist them in the response to this horrific act."

Sunday evening, neighbors have continued to discuss the tragedy. The Bellbrook police chief says the road that leads to the Betts home will continue to be blocked for the time being.